Thursday, October 16, 2008

Four Things i did today:

1. Beat down temptation with a baseball bat and did not crawl back into the warm bed with my sexy warm boyfriend... then dragged my ass to work.
2. Worked all day in the miserable drizzling weather... and somewhere along the way gave my shin muscles a good work out cuz they's aching now!
3. Had a couple great bitch sessions with two of the guys I work with... I swear, they're like old hens!
4. Came home to a super yummy home cooked dinner in a warm apartment with cozy pj's and a still sexy warm boyfriend waiting for me (and the vacuuming was done, the garbage taken out and the dishes put away!)

four things on my to do list

1. read all those books I haven't finished yet
2. Finish the landscape design for my mums friend
3. do my papers for TPOC... I will get them done!! (no, blogging is not time I could be using to write these papers... pashah!)
4. Get my Halloween costume together

four of my guilt pleasures

1. foot, leg and back pets
2. chocolate/ pad tai (both are equally yummy in different flavour categories and both are just as fattening!)
3. whiskey
4. zoning out with the tv

four random things about me

1. I have a (no, not unhealthy obsession!! shush!) thing for zombies... they exist!! and stuff and I will not ramble!
2. I have a real problem with rambling and/ or tangents
3. i like sour things
4. I regularly let my huge pothos plant wilt...
(5. I really like nice fabrics... one could say it is an addiction)


Ceall Na Sidhe said...

fabrics, eh? Do you sew? If not, you should! lol THen you would have an excuse to BUY all those beautiful fabrics!

Anonymous said...

You and your Zombies! LOL
OMG, you let a plant wilt? But.. you are the PLANT WOMAN.. how could this be???
What is Pad Tai?

eoNblue said...

Pad tai is a super yummy tai dish!
i don't really sew... been meaning to learn for years... one day ;)
and sometimes the plants are naughty! it needed to be taught a lesson! (or they tell u it's time to water them when they wilt?)